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The mission of The Happiest Dogs is to help companion animal guardians build the human-animal bond by providing mental stimulation and physical activity, and building mutual trust between pets and their guardians. By reducing the work of pet ownership, we make happier pets and happier owners.

We believe the happiest dogs are active dogs.

We believe in a three dimensional approach to dog training:

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Encouragement

  • Correction of undesired behaviors

We train to the AKC Good Citizen obedience standard.

We don’t advocate for the use of shock or prong collars. Incorrect use of these tools can result in degradation of the human/canine bond due to fear and mistrust. We don’t believe these to be the best tools to use in the training for a companion animal.

Jeff Curriere

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  • 5 star review  A few months ago, we had a family emergency and the person watching my boy Shadow was unable to care for him for the extra time we needed them to. A friend of ours told us about this pet sitter, and she was able to take him for the extra few days until we got our lives back together. Shadow came back happy, excited, and he was actually better trained than when he left! As someone who used to work for my late mother's pet sitting business, I know good pet sitting, and this is it! She's awesome. Just the other day, I asked her on VERY short notice if she could watch Shadow again. Turns out that we didn't need her to watch him after all, but she was more than happy to help if we did. Awesome person, and an awesome pet sitter.

    thumb Danica Daher

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